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Pieces as Unique as You

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

If we’re being honest, we didn’t know a thing about polymer clay. However, we quickly learned that it makes beautiful earrings once we were introduced to Joya by Hand.

Mari, creator of Joya by Hand, handcrafts earrings, as well as delightful wall decor, in all sorts of beautiful shapes, colors and patterns. Joya creations range from funky statement pieces to subtle and elegant works of art, making them perfect for pairing with any outfit or occasion. 

Joya’s inspiration for the business’ name comes in part from “joya” [hoya-a] in Spanish meaning jewel. The name also nods to the JOY put into each product as it’s being made. 

We’re often rotating the Joya by Hand products we carry — mainly because they fly off our shelves  — so stop in to find that perfectly unique piece that's sure to elevate your look and your mood.



To read about other locally made products we sell in our shop, visit our blog.

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