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Duluth in Ink

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

It should come as no surprise that we love Duluth. It inspires us every single day. So, it almost feels like we’ve found a longtime friend when we cross paths with another Duluth-loving business.

Carrie Schaefer is an illustrator, printmaker, and the owner of Schaefer Design Co. Like us, her work is primarily inspired by the charming city of Duluth, the beauty of Lake Superior, and the plants and wildlife that reside here.

Carrie’s medium of choice? Ink and fabric. It’s certainly not always easy, but she loves how screen printing allows her to play through color, repetition and variation.

Schaefer Design Co. brings you all of your Duluth favorites — Hartley’s majestic tall pines, sailboat watching from the boardwalk, Enger tower standing tall amongst the surrounding hillside, and many more. Available as either prints or towels, a Schaefer Design Co. piece is sure to be the perfect gift for any Duluth lover on your list this holiday season.

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