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A Holiday Tradition Loved by All

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate during the holiday season? Seriously, it’s got to be one of the few holiday traditions that’s loved by everyone from toddlers to grandparents.

If you’re in the Duluth area, you’ve likely seen the cute blue and white pouches of Mike & Jen’s Cocoa Mix, but as a proud carrier of this seasonal staple, we want to introduce you to the story behind Mike & Jen’s deliciousness. 

To start, Mike and Jen aren’t actually involved in the business — at least not from a day to day perspective (yet). They’re the children of Dean Packingham, founder and creator of Mike & Jen’s. Unhappy with hot “cocoas” being full of anything but cocoa, Dean spent months and months perfecting his own cocoa recipe. His kids weren’t the only ones that ended up loving Dean’s simple, all-natural mix. Soon Dean couldn’t keep up with the demand by himself and brought his good friend, Amanda Cunningham, on board. 

Fun thing about Dean and Amanda is that they’re both trained scientists. Together they used those skills to bring some math and efficiency to the business, ultimately bringing more chocolatey goodness into the hands of cocoa lovers across the northland.

So stop by DLH today and pick up some Mike and Jen’s Cocoa Mix for anyone on your shopping list this season. And don’t forget to grab a bag for yourself; you’re not going to want to miss out on this holiday treat.

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