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Born from a Hobby, Grown in a Dumpster Fire

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

If you stopped in our store around the holidays, you likely saw some beautifully unique journals steeped in rugged charm. They’re Waxed Journals and they are one of the good things to come out of the craziness that was 2020.

Brian Moriarty, owner and creator of Waxed Journals, initially made journals as a hobby. After being laid off early in the Covid-19 pandemic, however, he happily jumped at the request to make more and sell them wholesale. The request didn’t come without its challenges, though. Brian had been making upcycled journals out of coffee bags originally, and while he still likes those versions, he wanted to make journals that were slimmer. Ones that could be used at home, the office, or in the woods. 

Lots of contemplating in the wilderness and design tweaks brought him to the new sleek, waterproof notebooks he now makes today (as well as some other fun ideas for the future — stay tuned!) Waxed Journals are made from waxed canvas, waterproof paper, and a stitched binding; making them ready to go with you anywhere. 

Check them out for yourself. We currently have the slim note and pocket note versions stocked up and ready to be filled with your thoughts, hopes and dreams for the New Year. 


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