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Meet the DLH Team: Jordan

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on
Today we are celebrating Jordan's 3rd anniversary with DLH.  She was our first ever employee and has been with us through so much of our growth.
If you've been to the shop or an event in the past 3 years you've likely met Jordan and even had the chance to get to know her a bit, but if not, here's a short list of some of her favorite things to do . . .
Explore nature. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful, wide open place. Exploring nature, whether it's hiking through Tischer, or visiting Lady Superior, keeps me grounded and humbled. I've become a much better version of myself by living here.
Eat food. Working in the service industry, I love good food and I love to support folks who make it. There is so much effort that goes into a beautiful plate making it onto the table, and I love being on all sides of the experience. A good meal can be truly inspiring! 
Practice Yoga. This is my happy place. I've found a beautiful network of yogis through the local yoga scene. I especially thrive in hot yoga classes at Duluth Yoga and in my more meditative practices next to the lake.  
Shop local. Through DLH, I've been exposed to an incredible community of makers and creatives. There's a so much love, stress, happiness and heartbreak that comes along with owning a small business, so I shop local whenever I can! I want to support the community that supports us (DLH). 

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