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Designed to Bring a Smile

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

What does a nosy pepper do? ....Gets jalapeño business

While they’re usually cheesy, who doesn’t love a good pun every now and then? We happen to be fans, so we jumped at the chance to feature Kasey Thoreson Design’s punny, retro-inspired greeting cards in our shop.

Kasey Thoreson — you guessed it, owner of Kasey Thoreson Design — is currently a student at UMD studying graphic design and marketing. Kasey describes herself as a designer, illustrator and maker of cool things. Her designs range from digital art, print brochures, package design, advertisements, and so much more. 

While Kasey works to ensure her designs are a true representation of the people and organizations she designs for, her style is made up of creating playful, and simplistic forms with bold colors and patterns. As a Duluth native, her creations are typically inspired by nature and the environment around her. For Kasey, creating art is like a bridge. It the connection between her abstract inner thoughts to a physical form that she's able to share with others. 

So whether you want to show your gratitude, love or support, pick up a bundle of Kasey Thoreson greeting cards. They’re sure to bring a smile to you and whoever you give them to.

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