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Ads by Day, Candles by Night

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

One of the reasons we love small businesses is that you get to know the people behind them. There’s a human connection element that you get from a small business that just isn’t there with larger, faceless corporations.

So let us connect you with Anna Little. Anna is the owner, maker, and all the other roles that come with running a one woman business. She “accidentally” started Duluth Candle Co. in college and has been rolling ever since. Duluth Candle Co. isn’t her day job, however. She is deep in the world of advertising by day and then covered in wax by night. 

Beyond an obsession for candles, what keeps this very busy business owner going? Every message she gets about her candles improving her customers’ good vibes. Every note about how her candles are a reminder of somewhere or someone loved/missed.

She makes the candles alone (sometimes accompanied by a podcast or audiobook) so each of these stories are the fuel for her fire. 

We can think of no better time to light some candles than the holiday season. So swing by the DLH shop and pick up some of the coziest, comforting scents we could ever think of — pomegranate cider, frasier fir, mint and eucalyptus —  just to name a few.

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