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New Product: DLH Zip Hoodie

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on
New Product: DLH Zip Hoodie

A new product made its way to our website today, the DLH Zip Hoodie.  Some may ask, “a zip-up hoodie in summer?!”, but we’re from Northern Minnesota and it makes complete sense!  We live right next to that beautiful body of water, Lake Superior, but those wind switches happen frequently during a warm summer day and make you wish you had something warm to wrap yourself up in.  Plus, what’s better than a comfortable hoodie on a cool night while sitting around a campfire?


For those of you who follow our social media, you’ll notice that these hoodies are different from what we had previously posted.  Due to some unforeseen issues: backorders/high demand of product and printing difficulties, the blue hoodies with the dlh logo across the chest are currently unavailable.  We are still working on making these an option, but cannot provide an expected date for availability.  We truly appreciate everyone who voted on the different styles and thank you for sharing your opinions.


One final bit of information:  If you currently own a DLH pullover hoodie and love it as much as we do, you’ll love these zip-ups as well.   They are just as soft and comfortable, however, they are a different brand and we suggest that you order a size down from what you currently own.  As always, you can email us with any sizing questions you have.


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