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Meet the DLH Team: Kasey

Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on

Kasey isn't exactly a new comer to DLH, even though she just recently became an official employee.  Kasey started working with our other company, Šek Design, two years ago and had exposure to the DLH shop while both companies shared the same space above Electric Fetus.  In the past 2 years, she's helped with design projects for DLH and during these transitional times is now working in the shop once or twice a week as well.

As with all of our other employees, we asked Kasey her top 3 things she enjoys doing in Duluth . . .

I’m not a super adventurous person, but I do enjoy expanding my palate when it comes to the ice cream on Love Creamery’s delicious menu. (Lucky Charms being top on the list at the moment).

The Skyline Parkway Overlook is one of Duluth’s best-hidden gems. It is a great spot to enjoy Duluth at all times of the year and also the perfect place to watch the sunrise over the lake. (Pro-tip, at night in the winter it is the best location to stop and enjoy the bright lights of Bentleyville).

I love to shop, so searching for local shops both in Duluth and up the Shore is a great way to spend a weekend.

Kasey's got great style so if you need help finding the right product for you in the shop, she's definitely got you covered.

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