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Posted by Sarah Herrick-Smisek on
In The News

We were very lucky to have a large article in the Duluth News Tribune this summer. To date, this was one of the best pieces of recognition that we’ve experienced outside of social media.  We are extremely proud of how it portrayed us and what we are trying to accomplish with our clothing line here in Duluth.  To read the full article, click here.


Steve Kuchera — Sarah Herrick reacts to Michael Smisek’s comments about DLH Clothing, a business the couple started. DLH items are sold at several local stores, including the Electric Fetus, where it is displayed with other items produced locally. Steve Kuchera /


Steve Kuchera — In addition to clothing, DLH Clothing sells items such as these pint glasses. Steve Kuchera /


Steve Kuchera  — DLH Clothing shirts on display at the Electric Fetus. Steve Kuchera /


Steve Kuchera — DLH Clothing’s shirts on display in a suitcase at the Electric Fetus. In addition to selling at local stores, owners Sarah Herrick and Michael Smisek also hold suitcase sales at various events. Steve Kuchera /


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