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Black Friday Strike

Posted by Sarah on

(Monday Nov 23) What started as a trickle through the avenues of social media has now grown into a full-fledged threat of strike. According to local sources, the DLH Clothing store and the adjoining factory (Duluth, MN) was scheduled to open it’s doors at 4:30am on Black Friday but it’s now facing a crisis as it’s employees have started making their way out of the workspace and into the streets as a show of protest. One employee was quoted, “We were never told we’d have to work the day after Thanksgiving! I’m barely going to have time to let my mashed potatoes and gravy digest, not to mention, the tryptophan hangover that I’ll be wrestling.” Another said employee stated, “We have family traditions to uphold. I mean, there’s the parade, backyard football and my family – I’ve got no interest in folding shirts on my day off.” When questioned about the social uproar, DLH Clothing owners, Mike and Sarah Smisek commented, “What are you talking about? We don’t have any employees, we don’t have a store and we certainly don’t have a factory.  We’re the only employees and we never even planned on working ourselves.” 


When questioned about the availability of DLH goods this holiday season they stated, “Our entire clothing line will be available at our pop-up shop in the Zeitgeist Atrium on Small Business Saturday and we are very happy to announce that Don Ness (Duluth’s Mayor) will be with us, signing and selling his new book, ‘Hillsider‘. In addition to our clothes and his book, we’ll also be featuring select hand-made leather goods from Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini and as always, our entire clothing line can be found at our online store.”


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