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Zenith Tea Works: Misted Mountains In Days of Yore


Originally blended to be iced, this tea checks all the boxes. Grounded by its base of assam, it has room to play with tangy hibiscus and funky sage, creating an elixir to fuel your next adventure.

When you look into a bag of this tea, you can’t help but be reminded of your last trip to the mountains. The greenish-grey sage marking the black assam is reminiscent of foggy peaks, fueling curiosity and reminding us that there is so much more that remains unseen. Brew it as a cold brew tea to get the full effect, as it extracts to create an actual misty appearance--one of the most beautiful cold brew teas you may ever encounter.

When you have your first cup, you might hear a whisper in your spirit: “the mountains are calling and I must go.” If you take it literally like naturalist John Muir did, then you should start planning your trip! But, if you take it as a call to drink another cup, then we’ve got your back.

Mini makes approximately 15 cups

assam black tea, sage, hibiscus

BREW TIME: 3-5 minutes