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Zenith Tea Works: Grandpappy's Pipe


Organic and Fairly traded Red Rooibos from South Africa is the base of this naturally sweet blend. There is just no doubt about it--with the hint of vanilla and lavender, it smells just like pipe tobacco. Warm and honey-sweet.

Rooibos comes from a very specific part of South Africa called Western Cape. People in Australia, China and the US have tried to grow it in their countries, but without success. A fun fact: most people don't realize that it isn't naturally red--the rich color is created by oxidizing the needle-like leaves (similar to the process to create black tea). Although less common, it can be processed like green tea to retain a green appearance with grassy undertones. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

red rooibos, honeybush, vanilla, lavender

BREW TIME: 5+ minutes


Mini makes approximately 12 cups
3oz makes approximately 30 cups