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Zenith Tea Works: By the Rivers of Babylon I Sat Down and Wept


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"We sat down and wept by the waters
Of Babel, and thought of the day..."

So begins Lord Byron's poem with which this tea shares its name. He got it from Psalm 137--a poem about the ancient Israelites, sitting by the edge of the river, mourning the loss of their temple, held captive by their enemies and hoping for a brighter future. The Psalm has inspired countless musicians and poets, from Bach and Verdi, to Don Mclean and Bob Marley. It's been a reference point for political leaders and social justice movements through the ages and at its core, speaks to the existential struggle of humankind: how to remember, how to forgive, and how to seek justice.

This tea was blended to encapsulate a spectrum of flavors life offers: the sweetness of memories past, the bitterness of loss, and the freshness of future dreams. It is an experience in a cup. It’s flavor, color and strength transforms as it steeps. After 2 minutes--sweet and mild. After 4 minutes--cool and flowery. Leave the teabag in and continue sipping as it cools--tangy, bright and intense.

As you drink, reflect on where you came from, where you are, and where you are going. It may not not change the world--it's only tea--but the meditations you enter into while sipping it may just change your life.

Mini makes approximately 15 cups

gunpowder green tea, lemongrass, hibiscus, hyssop, peppermint, calendula, stevia

BREW TIME: 3-5 minutes