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Zenith Tea Works: Black


We’ve chosen three black teas from India and Sri Lanka to make this versatile blend. It's smooth, yet bold; is great hot, or iced; and stands up alone or with milk and honey.

A concise description about the difference between black and green teas, because we know you’re interested: Both black and green teas come from the camellia sinensis plant. Black tea is oxidized and sometimes fermented (think leaves on the trees turning colors in the fall). This can result in caffeine being extracted in greater amounts when brewed than the less processed green tea. Green tea is heat treated by way of steam or pan frying to limit oxidation and maintain their fresh flavor before being dried, allowing it to retain greater levels of antioxidants.

assam black tea, darjeeling black tea, ceylon black tea

BREW TIME: 2-4 minutes


Mini makes approximately 10 cups
3oz makes approximately 30 cups
12oz makes approximately 120 cups