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Art Print: The Three Sisters, Fables of the North Shore


There’s a powerful wave phenomenon in Lake Superior where three rogue waves roll immediately after each other with unusually powerful force, each bigger than the next. Thought responsible for sinking the Edmund Fitzgerald and causing other havoc on the lake and to water vessels, they are colloquially called The Three Sisters. Part of our fable about Grandma Ray, this print is a nod to those doozies of waves.

This print is from Natalie Salminen Rude and Jordan Sunberg's big storytelling project, Fables of the North Shore. We are so happy to share it with you. You can also find and order the book in our website shop to read the stories and see more of the art that goes with those words.

11x14, hand titled and signed on 120# Lynx paper, printed locally in Duluth, Minnesota